They laugh, they dance, they cry, they sing, they talk. THEY TELL! They come in countless forms and sizes. They’re allowed to be controlled by many different means -from string and rods to bare hands. They have everything to make each one of them unique and special but they all are the same in the depth of their feelings, happiness and struggles. Their stories are the most complete record of our history. Get to know them!
Welcome to the PuppetART Center!  
We all know that puppetry is found in every culture throughout the world. It has a long history that dates back thousands of years. From the dawn of human memories puppetry was a story-teller and entertainer; a way to speak to gods and pass down to generations the wisdom and traditions of people, and write history. Every puppet show is a home for all art forms. Two-dimensional background, three-dimensional puppets, music, dancing, singing and literature – any story, be it poetry or political satire, all art forms found home in every puppet show.
We like to continue that tradition and invite everybody to have an exciting and very unique experience meeting the art of puppetry in an interactive and entertaining way in PuppetART’s Theater, Studio, and Museum.
16 b-day_1 In PuppetART Theater, you will enjoy a repertoire of original performances, each produced in a unique style.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In PuppetART Studio, we invite you to become a puppeteer, just for a day, or for life! We will teach you how to build a puppet of any type and how to bring it to life.
CIMG9927 In PuppetART Museum, we invite you to explore our collection of puppets from all over the world and discover the history and artistic value each piece respectively holds.