The PuppetART Museum houses an extensive collection of puppets representing traditions from all over the world. We have particularly sizeable holdings of Southeast Asian, including Indonesian and Burmese, puppets, as well as Indian and Turkish shadow puppets, Sicilian marionettes, and Yoruba sculpture. Puppets from our own repertoire, past and present, are on display as well. Our museum also features puppets from Detroit’s storied puppetry history, represented by innovators like Meredith Bixby, Fern Ellen Zwickey, and Russel Gordinier. Our museum houses Ed Johnson’s Applesauce the Dragon, which visitors may remember from performances on Milky’s Party Time, broadcast from the Penobscot building in the 1950’s. Two books pertaining to the subject, “History of Puppetry in Detroit”, and “Ed Johnson, Master Puppeteer,” have been published by the PuppetART Theater and are available in our gift shop. You can browse these and other books and videos relating to puppetry arts in our library. For questions about our museum and educational materials please just give us a call at at (313) 961-7777