The Studio offers a multitude of programs where young people, teachers and theater professionals can participate in workshops on the art of puppetry. PuppetART believes that puppetry is a powerful educational tool. Through puppetry students learn to write their own scripts, create the puppet characters needed for those scripts, and produce and perform their own puppet shows for peers. The priority of Studio projects classes and workshops to support State literacy curriculum,  provide teachers with a comprehensive tool of puppetry to create rich literacy environment and help children learn through experience.

Instructor led puppet making workshops occur after every show for people of all ages. Various types of puppets are made including rod puppets, marionette puppets and hand puppets. The workshop project reflects the performance preceding the workshop and the types of puppetry used in that performance. Therefore, depending on the show you might have a princess, a samurai warrior or a silly clown to take home with you.

Puppet creators will also take home basic knowledge about building puppets and the unique art form of puppetry, which they can then apply to their own projects.