isabel dreamtigers

Isabel is a little girl from Oaxaca, Mexico who loves everything to do with science. Living with her father and brother in a remote house high upon a cliff, she spends days learning about the wonders of the nature and night after night dreaming of the world laid out in her books. After a terrifying dream that is infiltrated by beastly wild tigers, Isabel vows never to sleep again. Soon, the whole family has caught Isabel’s insomnia and life will never be the same.

Dreamtigers was created by the Hinterlands, a Detroit-based company who create original, multidisciplinary performances through play and ecstatic training, engaging with the community through collaboration and exchange. The Hinterlands have been seen in Canada, Kosova, and China, at dance clubs, parks, and repurposed film studios. You can find them online at thehinterlandsensemble.org. An excerpt from the performance can be viewed here

For Teachers

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