PuppetART Center is located in Detroit’s Theater District, just a few blocks from the Michigan Opera Theater, Music Hall and the Gem and Century Theaters. The Center includes an intimate 70-person theater, a museum that accommodates a growing collection of puppets and a studio featuring various workshops.

Founded in 1998 by a group of puppeteers and artists trained in Moscow & St. Petersburg, all members of the PuppetART troupe are masters of puppetry art theater. PuppetART offers a repertoire of eleven productions, including one created for adult audiences. Performances feature hand, rod, shadow, floor tabletop and string or marionette puppets. All events at PuppetART combine a theater performance, a tour of the museum and a workshop in the studio.

The PuppetART TEAM



Irina Baranovskaya –

Founder & Executive Director & Artistic Designer

“true happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating new things”




Igor Gozman –

Founder & Artistic Director

“…from the Universe perspective, humans are the microbes designed to convert material into spiritual” 




Lyudmila Mikheyenko –

Founder & President & Drama Director

“we are all kids at heart”





Nicholas Pobutsky –

Puppeteer & Theater Manager

“thread by thread you make a garment”





Robby Gall –

Composer, Painter, Playwright

“all art comes from the same place. It is all connected, and it can all speak to the soul”




Julien Godman –

Marketing & Development Director

“everything is fluid, embrace the change”





Torri Ashford –

Puppeteer & Workshop Facilitator

“puppets reflect our own diversity”





Carrie Morris –

Artistic  Associate

“I love telling the stories of inanimate objects”





Connor Ghena –


“life should be as soft as velvet”




Bill Corrigan –

Fieldtrips & Booking Manager

“only the puppet is free”






Jaclyn Strez –


“to bring to life an inanimate object is a simple expression of a complex phenomenon”




Dave Sanders –


“for me the most real way to experience life is to invent make-believe worlds to play in”




Maria Mikheyenko –

Music Composer

“where words fail, music speaks”





Aaron Timlin –


“living without dreaming is a waste of a good life; dreaming without doing is a waste of a good dream”



Each month of the year we perform a different show from our growing repertory.  Due to the eclectic nature of puppetry arts as well as the enticing and ever changing programs and events that we debut year-round, the press continues to do great write-ups on both PuppetART Theater at-large as well as specific programs and community happenings. Below are just a few links to some of our stories.


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Michelle Caruso—    “Such a great place with huge heart! The people who run this theatre and perform sure enjoy it, which makes it equally enjoyable for kids and adults. Be sure to check it out!

Lisa Lipscomb—   “What a fabulous experience!

Christine Harmon—    “We had a wonderful time seeing the Crane Maiden last weekend. It is a beautiful performance.

Zenwing Puppets—    “What  stunning puppets! Very beautiful sets too.

Kelley McCarthy McGinnis—    “Thank You, the show was great and the Museum and Workshop were awesome!

Heather Bonnelle Kraft—   “We LOVED our experience at PuppetART and can’t wait for more!

Mary Beth McCormick—    “Saw it today! It was wonderful – the kids loved every minute of their visit today!

Lisa Lamb—    “What a wonderful experience for anyone!!

Meghann Sheridan—    “I want more people to know about the Puppet Theater!