PuppetART Center is located in Detroit’s Theater District, just a few blocks from the Michigan Opera Theater, Music Hall and the Gem and Century Theaters. The Center includes an intimate 70-person theater, a museum that accommodates a growing collection of puppets and a studio featuring various workshops.

Founded in 1998 by a group of puppeteers and artists trained in Moscow & St. Petersburg, all members of the PuppetART troupe are masters of puppetry art theater. PuppetART offers a repertoire of eleven productions, including one created for adult audiences. Performances feature hand, rod, shadow, floor tabletop and string or marionette puppets. All events at PuppetART combine a theater performance, a tour of the museum and a workshop in the studio.

The PuppetART TEAM



Irina Baranovskaya –

Founder & Executive Director

“true happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating new things”




Igor Gozman –

Founder & Artistic Director

“…from the Universe perspective, humans are the microbes designed to convert material into spiritual” 




Lyudmila Mikheyenko –

Founder & Drama Director

“we are all kids at heart”





Nicholas Pobutsky –

Puppeteer & Theater Manager

“thread by thread you make a garment”





Torri Ashford –

Summer CAMP Instructor

“puppets reflect our own diversity”





Jaclyn Strez –


“to bring to life an inanimate object is a simple expression of a complex phenomenon”




Dave Sanders –


“for me the most real way to experience life is to invent make-believe worlds to play in”




Scott Crandall-







Robby Gall –

Composer, Painter, Playwright

“all art comes from the same place. It is all connected, and it can all speak to the soul”




Maria Mikheyenko –

Music Composer

“where words fail, music speaks”




Each month of the year we perform a different show from our growing repertory.  Due to the eclectic nature of puppetry arts as well as the enticing and ever changing programs and events that we debut year-round, the press continues to do great write-ups on both PuppetART Theater at-large as well as specific programs and community happenings. Below are just a few links to some of our stories.


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