The Music Hall and International Institute of Detroit Welcome PuppetART!

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 “…as the downtown area real estate becomes increasingly in demand, it’s imperative that our city’s non-commercial performing artists be able to continue to present their work in the heart of the Entertainment District. The artists of PuppetART create top-notch, finely crafted work that has been entertaining children and families for some twenty years, and Music Hall is thrilled to be able to help them sustain their success.”

Vince Paul, President and Artistic Director Music Hall Center

12/03  Banana for Turtle, Music Hall 

12/26; 12/27; 12/28 Snow Queen, International Institute1/28   Oh, Ananse!, Music Hall2/25   Oh, Ananse!, Music Hall

3/25   Banana for Turtle, Music Hall

4/29   Kolobok, Music Hall

5/27   Sleeping Beauty, Music Hall

Tickets: $10/Children, $15/Adults, $8/Workshop

Dates (all shows are at 2:00 PM):

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For more information, contact us at 313-961-7777 or


Sleeping Beauty

A marionette ballet set to classical music, PuppetART’s version of Sleeping Beauty includes the traditional snoozing princess and evil fairy while also exploring the prince’s side of the story. How did he find out about the cursed kingdom?



The Gingerbread Man’s Russian cousin, a little butterball, is brought to life in this story set in PuppetART’s favorite magic forest. Two forest spirits—played by our live actors—help Butterball along his journey as he encounters Bear, Fox, and more.


Banana for Turtle1

Five jungle friends, including an elephant, a snake, a bird, a monkey and the one and only turtle, answer some of life’s most important questions like, how do you measure a snake? And, why does the world look different upside down?
Oh, Ananse
Based on West African folklore, this is the story of Ananse, father of narrators, and how he won the right to tell stories to the world.

work3 Snow Queen.
When the Snow Queen abducts her beloved friend Kai, Gerda begins a magical and perilous journey to find him, encountering friends, flowers, fiends, and an enormously critical crow. Follow her as she sets out on her heroic quest to the cold and dazzling world of the Snow Queen. PuppetART’s original musical production reminds us the perseverance of human bonds in the face of great obstacles. “Where there is friendship and love to be found, roses will surely still bloom.”





PuppetART is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that creates programs through the support of our patrons and the community. Click the Donate Now button to contribute to the unique, educational, and entertaining art form of puppetry in downtown Detroit!

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What our parents had to say:

Such a great place with huge heart! The people who run this theatre and perform sure enjoy it, which makes it equally enjoyable for kids and adults. Be sure to check it out!
— Michelle Caruso

What a fabulous experience!
— Lisa Lipscomb

We had a wonderful time seeing the Crane Maiden last weekend. It is a beautiful performance.
— Christine Harmon

Thank You, the show was great and the Museum and Workshop were awesome!
— Kelley McGinnis

We LOVED our experience at PuppetART and can’t wait for more!
— Heather Kraft

Saw it today! It was wonderful – the kids loved every minute of their visit today!
— Mary Beth McCormick


Our Mission:

To explore a variety of cultures and to foster an appreciation of the wisdom of traditions, the beauty of the spirit and the art of diverse communities, through puppet performances, exhibits and classes.