A Russian folktale about the adventures of a little Butterball baked by an elderly couple. Better known in America as The Gingerbread Man, Kolobok is a Russian folktale about the adventures of a little Butterball baked by an elderly couple.

Two forest spirits, performed by live actors, bring our colorful floor puppets to life.



Kolobok or The Gingerbread Boy

Kolobok is the Russian version of the The Gingerbread Boy. To prepare students for the visit of PuppetART’s production of Kolobok you should revisit the well-known version of The Gingerbread Man. Kolobok is not a cookie but a little fat dumpling like a bun. In this version he is created by an old lady and old man and of course he runs away. The puppets are the various animals that Kolobok meets in the forest. In this version he finds his way home safely despite the fox’s trying to eat him.

Prepare students for the play by having them make simple Gingerbread Boy paper plate masks of the different characters. Children can act out the story very easily in small groups.

Discussion can focus on the students approve of the typical ending where the Gingerbread Boy is eaten. Children can comment on the fact the Gingerbread Boy thinks he can outsmart and outrun everyone but in the end he is tricked by the sly fox. The fox is a classic trickster character. Children may discuss their feelings about tricking people and being tricked.

After seeing Kolobok children will be in an ideal position to compare and contrast the two stories. A Venn diagram may be used as a starting point but ultimately some kind of artistic response to the show may prove to be the most important response. Drawing their favorite character or making a mask of their favorite character and acting out that part are good activities. Writing a letter to one of the characters. Writing a letter to PuppetART expressing what each child liked is another good follow-up acitivity.



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1. Explore Different Versions ( of the Gingerbread Man Story ).
2. Gingerbread Man …. eaten by the Fox. Write a new ending to the story.


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