Little Mouk is a clumsy, little guy making his way in the world for the first time. Along the  way he meets Princess Amina and wins her heart with his honesty, tenacity, and courage.

(PuppetART’s retelling of the story by Wilhelm Hauff.)

 In this story, we get to know the tale of Mouk – a small, clumsy, misshapen guy who is on his own for the first time. As Mouk makes his way in the world, he meets Ahavsi, a lady who is dedicated to a houseful of horrible cats; a giant of a runner, working for the Shiek; the Shiek’s beautiful daughter Amina, who catches Mouk’s eye (and he hers); Ahuli, the Shiek’s Cook and Achmed, the Shiek’s Treasurer, who are supposed to be the noblest of noble but who actually have intentions that are less than ideal. Join us as Mouk traverses this colorful cast of characters with his faithful friend, the Dog, in order to find his fortune and realize his goals. In the end, we see that it is not the magic slippers or treasure-finding walking stick that completes Mouk’s world, but it is Mouk himself who had the courage and tenacity to set these goals in the first place, and the intelligence and wherewithal to see them through.

This production, inspired by the fairy tale by 19th century German author Wilhelm Hauff, also incorporates many characteristics of Arabic folklore. We were thrilled to have assistance and consultations with staff from the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, as well as Dr. Matthew Stiffler. These anchors in the world of Arabic culture helped us build a production that is lush and poetic, evoking images of the dry world of the desert along with settings beneath fig trees that give off the sweetest perfumes. Sit back, take a break from the afternoon heat and enjoy the tale of MOUK’S ADVENTURES!